User Research & Usability Testing

User-centered research is at the heart of everything Precocity designs and builds. We provide world-class experience and service design services. We recruit industry leaders and build young talent into tomorrow's leaders as we foster a culture of Curiosity, Empathy, and Humility.

What we do

Insights Discovery

Discovering the right solutions starts with uncovering the right problems. We work with stakeholders to understand the business, context, and goals.

Usability & User Research

Precocity uses a full suite of user research strategies to understand peoples’ needs and goals. That empowers us to design solutions meaningful to them.

CX / Service Design

Through research, careful design, and integration of processes, technologies, and interactions, Precocity guides companies to craft holistic and meaningful services for their customers.


We fight for the user. Every single time.

“The more, and earlier you trust and involve others in evolving the products and processes that impact them the more support you’ll have from them in return, and the better the result will be. And if you’re not involving users in your process, you’re not designing, you’re guessing.”

Brandon Ward, Chief Experience Officer

Travel Stop and Truck Services: Customer Journey Mapping

Precocity helps a large travel stop and truck services company evaluate their customer experience for key services.

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Transforming Automotive User Experiences

User Experience Research Provides Actionable Insights to Enhance Automotive Products

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CDC Small Business Finance: Customer-Centric Website Redesign and Build

Precocity researched, designed, and developed the new customer-focused website for CDC Small Business Finance.

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