Strategic Technical Staffing

Whether you need one person or an entire project team, we match your needs with the right, skilled technical resources.

What we do

Staff Augmentation

Let us help scale your team with a qualified and skilled Precocity team member. Our consultants are experienced in solving very diverse challenges in many verticals and bring the benefit of their experience to your project.

Temp & Permanent Placement

We understand that your needs are specific and often time-critical. We specialize in finding permanent and temporary resources to fill your needs in the shortest time possible.

Onshore / Offshore

We source technical talent that is local to you, or almost anywhere in the world. North America, Latin, and South America to East Asia, and all points in between


People are more than “requirements”

"Finding experts is more than just aligning skills to a set of technical requirements, it’s also about finding character and culture fits. Our business prioritizes character, culture, and capabilities, and we use these same principles when finding resources for our customers. "

Bethany Farley, Finance and People Wrangler

Porte: AGILE Methodology and UX Modernization for Fintech Product Development

Turnkey Brand Transformation Consulting Drives Product Evolution for Premium Mobile Banking Experience

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Nokia: Virtual Training that Powers Performance

Nokia enhanced its training program with an augmented reality training application.

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