Data Science & Modern Data Platforms

Much more than just reporting, our data science and analytics capabilities go deep for answers, delivering unique and valuable insights while uncovering new information.

What we do

Data Strategy

Do you have an effective plan to manage, analyze, and act on your organization’s data?

Artificial Intelligence

From automation to optimization, we can help you leverage AI solutions for your business.

Data Engineering

Helping you unleash the full power of your data through cloud-native, serverless, intelligent solutions.

Data Warehousing

We build data warehouses that empower your organization to make data-driven decisions.

Analytical Apps & Interfaces

From Looker to Power BI to open source, our analytics team can turn your data into valuable insights.


We're Problem Solvers

“At our core, we’re problem solvers not solution pushers, and we’ve learned that most of today’s data challenges require extreme speed to iterate towards insights. To achieve this rapid pace of analytics, we strive for deep customer empathy which helps us discover the right problem to solve, thereby avoiding the wasted time of digging down the interesting, yet unfruitful rabbit holes.”

David Gillen, Chief Data Officer

Global architectural firm simplifies management of resources all over the world

HKS engages Precocity to develop end-to-end web application for project management. When you’re managing a worldwide design project for...

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Hospital system boosts compliance and employee engagement while saving thousands of hours annually

Compliance requirements never sleep, and even world-class hospitals can have trouble keeping up with them. One such hospital has...

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Complete the Look Personalization

Precocity was engaged to create a machine learning algorithm to provide product recommendations to "complete the look" for e-commerce...

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