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Nokia: Virtual Training that Powers Performance

Nokia enhanced its training program with an augmented reality training application.

The Problem

Nokia is a telecommunications hardware manufacturer that supplies products to all of the major telecommunications providers maintaining our cell towers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and more. Additionally, Nokia provides training for all of their hardware and needed a better, more interactive digital solution to support the training needs of their technicians for 5G rollout.

The Research

Precocity conducted a needs assessment based on interviews with subject matter experts, those writing the training, those maintaining the manuals, as well as the technicians and their managers to better understand what’s working about their online training, and where it fails to meet the needs of the techs in the field. We reviewed their training materials and the processes of replacing old tower hardware with new.

The Solutions

Based on suggestions of the company’s innovation team, along with confirmations from their field techs, we designed and developed a mobile augmented reality solution to provide remote, and just-in-time learning. These new courses leveraged existing training material when a tech had the time to review or learn about something coming soon. What really shined was the Augmented Reality, 3D interactive tutorials that could help a tech perform maintenance with step-by-step installation instructions. The AR option allowed the tech to overlay virtual hardware in their actual space to compare wiring and setup.

The Wins

This product reduced training time while improving repair and install times. It also supported technicians in their role by allowing them to always stay up to date with changing technologies. It was a win for Nokia, their clients, and their technicians.