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Travel Stop and Truck Services: Customer Journey Mapping

Precocity helps a large travel stop and truck services company evaluate their customer experience for key services.

The Problem

A large travel stop and truck services company wanted to evaluate the customer experience of their key services and identify areas to improve the customer experience, both for their customers and within the organization.

The Plan

Precocity’s customer experience and service design team would develop a journey map to highlight potential opportunities for improvements and uncover hidden or masked processes and issues. To accomplish this, the team worked with the client to identify all potential customer touchpoints along a specific customer journey. The discovery process identified 11 personas to map as part of the process, including truck drivers (fleet and owner-operators), fleet support, shop personnel, and in-store and corporate employees. This large-scale journey map process would conduct in-person and remote interviews and contextual inquiries to collect qualitative and quantitative data. The analysis generated 11 separate journey maps by persona and one comprehensive journey map of the entire process. It also folded in some additional service blueprint layers, including back and front-stage tasks and tools.

The Results

Seventy-two interviews were conducted across all 11 identified personas. Thoughts, feelings, and actions were mapped during each step specified in the process. All channels and tools utilized were also included. Twenty-seven steps were identified across one customer journey. Hundreds of data points were mapped, allowing leadership to see existing opportunities for improvement (pain points) in the current customer journey.

Journey maps can be valuable tools to identify areas to improve your customer experience and services. Contact Precocity today if you are ready to take yours to the next level.