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CDC Small Business Finance: Customer-Centric Website Redesign and Build

Precocity researched, designed, and developed the new customer-focused website for CDC Small Business Finance.

CDC Small Business Finance sought to build a new website for their customers. In order to best meet customer needs, Precocity and CDC Small Business Finance stakeholders held a joint workshop in San Diego. This workshop identified goals, pain points, and objectives for the site redesign. The results outlined a multi-phase process for the site redesign including Journey Mapping for customers, website design, and website development.

In the first phase, Precocity conducted extensive research of the user experiences as well as a detailed site analysis. Precocity conducted customer interviews to determine customer needs, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. Understanding CDC Small Business Finance outside-in from the customer’s point of view first, allowed the research and design teams to focus internal stakeholder interviews and research initiatives around the customers’ needs, ensuring the final outcomes delivered customer-centric products. Precocity summarized this process with a journey map and key recommendations that were foundational for the website design process.

In the second phase, the user experience team designed the interaction flows and information architecture for the site. Then a detailed design was created that added a polished and interactive feel to the architecture. The website was developed with WordPress and included site enhancements such as lazy-loading, minified asset files, and flexible custom layouts. These custom layouts included unique page content, as well as components to enable global content updates, reducing the time it takes site editors to update loan amounts on multiple pages. Custom workflows were created that streamlined the customer journey and connected them to the correct loan officer, ensuring the customers could get taken care of in the most efficient manner possible.