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Milestone Home Service Company: Data Warehouse Infrastructure Updates

Milestone Home Service Company engaged Precocity for data warehouse infrastructure updates to stabilize and mature membership subscription data for report consumption.

Milestone is a North Texas home services company that offers a range of services including air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, drain cleaning, indoor air quality, and garage services. Milestone has a customer membership subscription program to help their customers with year-round whole home maintenance services.

Making Data Actionable

Many companies face the challenge of having a wealth of unusable data. It is often in disparate systems and consumes a significant amount of time to create usable reports with actionable insights. The data infrastructure must be in place to ensure accurate and timely reports.

The Solution

Milestone engaged precocity to enhance their data warehouse and reporting capabilities for the membership subscription program. This engagement builds off of a pre-existing relationship Milestone and Precocity have forged over the years where Precocity engineered a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data warehouse for Milestone.

Precocity’s team took the following steps:

  • Locate, extract, and transform customer membership information from existing raw Successware ingest to include in the data warehouse data model.
  • Create necessary data sets to satisfy the financial reporting needs, including membership fees, revenue, operation costs, and customer retention.
  • Assess and migrate the current Airflow VM to a managed GCP Composer instance
  • Migrate dbt (getdbt.com) objects and infrastructure to the newest version of dbt-core, including the work necessary to run within a docker image for Composer.
  • Provide ongoing Production support during project development and deployment

The Business Impact

Milestone created looker reports that provide new insights into their data. Executives and Managers can now, more clearly, evaluate the program’s impact on revenue and customer retention. The ongoing monitoring of the membership program performance allows leadership to make key business decisions in a timely manner. Additionally, the project created a platform that supports additional analytical use cases- accelerating future reporting and data warehouse initiatives.