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Milestone Electric: Marketing Data Modernization

End to End data solution consolidating data sources with automated data ingestion, transformation, and a self-service Looker reporting front end.

Milestone wanted a better way to discover actionable insights on their direct mail reporting. A marketing analyst would spend 40-60 hours per week to compile and clean the data and prepare a report with data 3-4 weeks old. Data points did not have a consistent definition and there were often discrepancies in reporting across the organization, due to a lack of centralized data and measure definitions.

Precocity developed a Google cloud data platform to serve as a data warehouse. Precocity helped define and standardize data elements, automate the data collection and presentation of the direct mail to invoice data comparison, and eliminated virtually all of the manual effort required. The standardized, automated data ingestion and transformation promoted consistency in data elements and reporting across the organization. Additionally, Milestone now has a cloud architecture to support an internally growing desire for more visible data to eventually serve all departments throughout the organization.

Say goodbye to reporting on manual extracts. With Looker, the front-end visualizations are directly connected to the data warehouse. Looker issues queries to the live data and creates visualizations on the fly. With the data warehouse automation, real-time data analysis and visualization is now at their fingertips with this self-service solution.