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AptHub: Building a complex digital solution on Google Cloud Platform that provides users and staff with an improved user experience

Precocity created a multi-family smart-home platform featuring a user-friendly mobile app, intuitive web admin portal, and powerful back-end. This solution enables seamless control of connected devices, multi-tenant management, and delivers a scalable, high-performance experience.

The challenge

AptHub asked Precocity to deliver a smart home/multi-family platform that added value and convenience to both apartment tenants and staff. The existing solutions required tenants to download multiple applications that lacked both performance and a single app solution. And it was cumbersome for staff to efficiently manage access to common areas and vacant units.

To build the optimal solution, integration with several 3rd party services was needed. Initially the platform needed to integrate well with the selected hardware (Nest/Honeywell thermostats and Yale/Brivo smart locks). To make it commercially viable, we had to ensure the platform was device hardware agnostic and would scale appropriately as the application was rolled out to more properties.

The solution

To maximize interoperability of the end-to-end system, GCP solutions were used whenever possible. To summarize, we integrated the GCP Kubernetes Engine and Terraform for app deployments and CloudDNS for domain management. We also used the Identity Platform and Secrets Manager for authentication and security, and most importantly to enable single and multi-tenant functionality of the application.

Highlighted features of the resident mobile app:

  • Control the front door lock and thermostat of an apartment unit remotely
  • Assign guests temporary access codes
  • Receive activity notifications
  • Conveniently create and submit service requests to property management
  • Access controlled common areas

Highlighted features of the property Admin Portal:

  • Create and assign staff roles and permissions
  • Manage vacant unit thermostats remotely
  • Control common area and property access remotely
  • Service request management
  • View audit history of activity
  • View lease terms of each unit
  • View and create custom reports

The result

AptHub was installed as a pilot in a 281-unit property located in Dallas, TX, managed by Knightvest Residential. Feedback of the app and portal has been extremely positive, and as one of the largest multifamily management firms in the US, Knightvest Residential has begun planning to integrate AptHub into 96 additional properties soon. Without GCP’s suite of products, AptHub would not be possible.

Because of its highly scalable platform design, AptHub has positioned itself as a viable revenue stream for its investors and owners, and is able to support multiple residential and commercial management companies and properties. Learn more by going to apthub.com.