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Nokia Mika Assistant
Nokia Mika Assistant Nokia Mika Assistant

The Challenge

Design an intuitive, intelligent, chat-based experience

Nokia, a leader in wireless telecommunication infrastructure, wanted a way to make their telecommunication operators more efficient by providing them with simple and quick access to critical troubleshooting information through a 'digital assistant'. As a result, Nokia developed MIKA or Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant. When Nokia engaged with Precocity, MIKA's back-end infrastructure had already been developed.

With our help, Nokia’s
engineers and techicians can:

Precocity helps Nokia be more productive
Be more productive
This AI allows telcom engineers and NOC staff to gain back more than one hour of productive time every day
Precocity helps Nokia be more productive
Cut out the middle man
MIKA eliminates the need for up-front investment with “as a Service” OPEX model
Precocity helps AI do the work for Nokia
Let AI do the work
Rapidly create customized digital assistants to support different activities
Precocity helps Nokia get smart advice on the fly
Get Smart advice on the fly
Get advice based on issues that have occurred in other networks
Precocity helps Nokia deepen their understanding
Deepen their understanding
Build their network knowledge through human-like interaction
Precocity helps Nokia use the most efficient tools
Use the Most Efficient Tools
Access all relevant tools, documents, and data sources through one interface

Using the MIKA back-end, Precocity was able to design an experience which made accessing technical information more streamlined and enjoyable for the technicians.


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