A Major Retailer

Flashboard Reporting Tool

An innovative web-based portal that merges real-time data and historical data into a seamless executive dashboard

The Challenge

Getting access to my sales data in real-time

Sales data was everywhere, in disparate systems with multiple access points. Aside from the access issues, the data provided was not in a manner consumable by executives and directors. They needed a solution that would provide sales insights, (historical and current) in a single pane of glass experience.

The Flashboard Reporting Solution

Filter & Drill

Drill into data by date range, store, department and even at the individual product level

Access Reports

Merge real-time & historical data into a seamless executive dashboard that can be accessed any time of day.

Reporting Through the Browser

Data and reporting means nothing if it’s hard to access. By designing an adaptive web experience with SSO, users can access easily through their browser—mobile or desktop.


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