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Google Cloud Platform Meetup Announcement

by: Precocity

Precocity is proud to announce we’re sponsoring DFW’s first Google Cloud Platform (GCP) meetup! Join us as we openly discuss and share best practices on all aspects of GCP’s services and tools. We’ll also feature special presentations by Google and their growing partner network. Best of all, we’ll pick up the tab for food (and drinks) during each meetup!

Sign up here to join and help us grow the GCP community in Dallas!

GCP is a natural extension of Google’s mission statement to make information universally accessible and useful. This cloud-based solution leverages Google’s world class technology infrastructure (which supports over 1 billion users!) and benefits businesses by increasing the availability and lowering the cost of data storage and computing resources, making it easier than ever for people to gather and use corporate data.

Other benefits of GCP include: 

  • A flexible, cost saving pricing model- only pay for the resources you use, up to the minute

  • Use of Google’s unrivaled infrastructure and elastic computing power- develop, build and test applications directly on GCP, allowing IT operations to grow and scale up or down faster

  • Harnessing the power of machine learning- use your own data to train machine learning models or leverage ready to use machine learning models

  • Google’s commitment to using open source services/tools and APIs- including Container Engine and Dataflow, and the Cloud EndPoint API

  • The first major cloud provider to enable HTTPS/TLS by default

As a preferred GCP partner, Precocity has a stable of certified Google Cloud Data Engineers who have deep passion and knowledge for data, analytics and problem solving. We’d be happy to discuss how we can assist your organization with any of it’s data and analytics needs. Contact us today!

Click here to join the GCP Meetup and be notified of future events!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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