Digital Transformation

Customer Success vs. Customer Service

by: Precocity

Customer service is the mantra in modern business culture. In my view, customer service is an inferior business focus, yielding mediocre results at best. Customer success will render less customer service and the customer will be more satisfied.

Customer service is reactionary by nature and is usually treated by business leaders as a necessary evil — the cost of ‘doing business’. If customers appear content with your service, or aren’t complaining about it, most managers are thrilled.

Customer success, on the other hand, establishes a higher standard. When properly ingrained in your employees, it sends a powerful message to customers that motivates them to come back to you for more. As the mindset is injected into your corporate culture, it is like an avalanche careening down a mountain. It builds its own momentum, creating excitement in your customers and your employees.

Customer service often tends to be superficial, insincere and reactionary. Customer success argues for a proactive, more meaningful alternative. It provides the tools necessary to equip an employee mindset which motivates innovative and diligent problem solving on behalf of the customer.

This excerpt is taken from the book Customer Success, written by Precocity’s CEO, Barry Farah.

Farah, Barry S. “Introduction.” Customer Success. New York: Baron, 1998. Xv.


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